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White Christmas (1954) January 3rd, 2021

White Christmas’ plot is crazy. It’s basically a story about two singing soldiers who throw a surprise performance to save their retired CO’s failing inn all while romancing a pair of songbird sisters. Michael Curtiz makes expert use of the wide angles made possible with Vista Vision and fills his frame with some of the most vibrant sets captured in all their technicolor glory.

I’m not just whistling White Christmas, we paid $100 to secure a private screening at our local cinema. Yeah, that was an expensive night noir but it was worth it to enjoy the spectacle as it was meant to be seen. I always recommend seeing a movie in the theater when able and I’m never disappointed when heeding my own advice.

White Christmas, for those who’re completely unaware, is a musical starring the biggest crooners of the time. Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye’s pipes are easy to take for granted when they’re acting is so surprisingly good! They’re damn funny!

As we approach the holiday season you could do worse than a holiday classic with the talent and production value packed into White Christmas’s two hour run time. To use the parlance of youths, White Christmas slaps!



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